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Star 1 Group, a division of Star 1 Records LLC, was founded by CEO/President Laura Patterson. Laura began her music career back in the 70s as a guitarist/session artist. For many years, she enjoyed working with some recognizable names in the industry. However, with the introduction of the computer age and the eventual internet boom, Laura shifted gears, delved into web development, and found a niche in the digital world.

Laura left her beloved music career to pursue this passion, however, her heart never strayed far from her love of music and her devotion to her craft, and eventually, the music industry beckoned once again.

While reconnecting with friends in the industry, it was apparent to Laura that the music industry has changed drastically during the time she was immersed in web development. Artists were now feeling the impact of a saturated market due to the influx of a plethora of music communities and selling sites on the internet. While creating many new DIY projects, and opportunities for the artist; it also caused a crowded atmosphere, imposing greater obscurity on the artist, due to the sheer numbers occupying these sites.

Laura formed "Musicians United" on Facebook — a group that is now over 45,000 members strong. This provided her with a built-in "think tank" from which to consult. She posed the question to this audience of musicians and industry professionals, "What are your suggestions to change the attitudes and practices of today's music industry?" The response was that artists needed a better way to level the playing field.

So, with the artist's laments ringing in her ears, Laura founded Star 1 Records.

She called upon her resources in the industry to provide these essentials directly to the artists which resulted in the artists expanding their music careers to reach a wider fan base.

Star 1 Records built direct relationships with hundreds of Domestic Commercial FM, Satellite, College, and Internet Radio Stations, providing artists with direct promotion. These stations provided them with weekly reports of their progress through Airplay Cloud, a tracking and charting website. These plays were also reported to all the charting services. The radio promotions resulted in many artists reaching the Top 10 on National independent Airplay Charts.

The innovative business model offered by Star 1 Group provided artists with a viable way to promote their careers and establish themselves for success while avoiding the predatory practices often found in the industry. Unfortunately, Star 1 Records LLC and its subsidiary, Star 1 Group, ceased operations on December 31st, 2019.

To all the artists, friends, and associates who supported Star 1 Group, we express our gratitude and extend our best wishes for continued fulfillment and success.

Despite the closure of Star 1 Group, we hope that its legacy of promoting ethical and artist-friendly practices in the music industry will continue to inspire and benefit artists for years to come.

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Posted on Saturday, April 01, 2023